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5 Top Tips To Choosing Your Bridesmaids For A Stress-Free Wedding

When choosing a bridal party, mainly when choosing your bridesmaids for a stress-free wedding, there are two things you need to consider. Emotion and practicality.

I would always recommend you choose people you are emotional connected to but at the same time you want to choose people who can be at your side, giving your wedding their 100% and will make your day more special for you.

If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself. I’m Nehar. I’ve been working closely with couples across the globe for 15 years now. It’s in my bones. And I just love knowing I am putting together the happiest day of someones life.

1. Direct Family

Usually, by default direct family (sometimes close extended family) tend to be part of your bridal party. This can be sisters, daughter, sister-in-law, brother, or cousins. Nothing says, in this day and age, that the bridal party has to be female.

2. Best Friends Since Forever

If you have been friends forever, if they are your real BFF then yes you probably want them to be part of your bridal party. But do consider the below points too.

3. Personality

You are most likely to want someone who isn’t going to try to “steal your thunder” or outspeak you, but you are also going to want someone who has an opinion and can give you honest answers.

Also think about how your wedding guests will respond to them. You would want your bridal party to be able to interact with the guests and be at hand when needed.

4. Location

If you want your bridesmaids to help during the lead up to the wedding, then choosing a bridesmaid that is miles away can be tricky. It may be little things like helping you pick your favour, to major things like picking your dress. You are most likely to want your bridal party at your beck and call (during the planning stage at least).

5. Pull Their Weight

The worst thing you can do to yourself is have a bridesmaid that doesn’t help. That could end up being more stressful than its worth. If you have a friend or family member who almost never call you back or are always late or a no show, you might want to think again before giving them vital tasks at your wedding. Try to find those that are likely to respond to you or be present for you.

For a detailed chat to help you have a stress-free wedding, get in touch for a quick chat, no obligations attached!


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