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Deciding Your Guest Numbers

Over the last decade there have been more and more 80-120 guest size weddings. The pandemic reduced them completely to a max of 30 (sometimes ever 6 and 15). Now we are seeing two ends of this. Some are opting for the super large weddings, while others are keeping it very intimate like 40-60.

Are you wondering how decide your guest numbers? Check out my tips below and see if they help. Remember to drop me a comment with your thoughts.

I’m Nehar by the way. A wedding planner based in Buckinghamshire. I have planned and designed over 100 luxurious weddings here in the UK and overseas.

I’m so excited to share these tips with you today, if you want to learn more, simply click the big yellow button below and let's chat!

Leave it to yourselves

When it comes to deciding on your guest, leave the decision to you and your partner rather than everyone else. Your family will always want to invite people they know, they will want to invite people you may have grown up with, but if you want those that know you and that you are still in touch with, leave the decision to yourself.

Choose plus ones wisely

If you want to know the exact number of guests, consider whether plus one is for all your guests or only those where you know the partner or at the time fo the invitation know they have a partner. You don't want your cousins or friend to bring a +1 just because. But do consider everyones feelings. If you know someone has a partner, consider inviting their partner if you know they will feel left out if you don't.

Don’t feel obliged

For people that you haven’t spoken to in a while, for example some of the relatives you haven’t spoken to in years or someone who invited you to their wedding years ago, don't feel you have to invite them to your wedding.

Would you buy them dinner?

A great way to decide if you should invite someone to your wedding is by considering if you would take them to a 5star restaurant and pay for their meal? If not then think why you are inviting them to your big day as you are paying for their meal and much more.

Would you miss them?

Another trick I often ask my couples to use is to consider if not inviting the said guest will be noticed? For example, if you don't invite your 3rd cousin, will your parents notice? If you don't invite your old school BFF that you haven't spoken to in 10 years, will your other friends notice?

Will they make it enjoyable for you?

Finally. Will their attendance make the day better for you?

Remember, it is your big day! You and your partner should be deciding on who attends and you should have the chance to choose who doesn't attend.


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