Q - Why would I need a Wedding Planner?

A - A good planner will help you save time, money and stress. A planner will talk you through your ideas and advise using their experience to make your dream day a reality. They can also make sure you stay in budget and keep all your friends and family happy. Their role is to ensure you can enjoy your day knowing your planner is there to answer all questions for your guests and suppliers.

Q - I've booked but the restriction means I can't have all my guests, what do I do?

A - If you have booked through us we will be in contact to rearrange or amend your wedding plans. This could mean streaming your wedding, finding a more suitable date or suitable location. 

Q - My venue of choice already has a coordinator, do I still need a planner? 

A - We would recommend that you still consider a planner so the venue coordinator can handle anything related to the venue such as catering, staff, toilets, etc. A Planner will take care of the Wedding party and guest queries as well as add your touch to the wedding.


Q - I'm already an organised person, would a Planner be right?

A - Often, as many couples find it hard to relax on their wedding day as they have had so much to do beforehand. A Planner will handle all of your arrangements on your behalf so you can sit back and enjoy the special celebration, get involved when you want, if you want, but rest assured that your Planner is working with you.

Q -What is your favourite wedding that you have planned? 

A - It may sound biased but I'll have to say it's my own wedding. It happened during the brief few weeks we had where 30 people were allowed, we did it at home. What I liked the best was that I had a blank canvas to build up and set up. Pushed me to my limits but we had a magical day.

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