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Making Dreams Come True
Luxury wedding planner buckinghamshire

Nehar Ullah-D'onofrio

Founder & Event Specialist

Planning luxury weddings is my lifeblood - I have never done anything else. Growing up in the Midlands, UK, my mother tells me I was dreaming up weddings for my dolls as soon as I could walk!

I studied at the elite ‘Event School’ in Picadilly, London as well as Westminster University, and I have never looked back. From there, I have had a global reaching career planning luxury weddings from Mauritius, Figi, Dubai and the Cayman Islands to Los Angeles, Vegas and India.

I consider myself very honoured to have a career spanning over 15 years travelling beautiful exotic countries where I have worked with equally beautiful, diverse couples. Now, my work is largely UK based - in London and across the country. My largest wedding to date was a Multicultural wedding in Manchester spanning five days and looking after 2,000 guests. I loved every minute of it! With budgets varying from £250,000 to £2.3 million, couples trust me to create their fairytale wedding with elegance. 

I like to think my exotic background (I am half Bengali and half Italian) gives me a real empathy and understanding with interpreting multi-cultural weddings. I have very recently planned my own wedding during lockdown which shifted from an Italian-Bengali flamboyant masquerade event in Rome to an intimate rustic celebration at our home terrace in Buckinghamshire. Nothing will phase me!

When I am not looking after my couples planning luxury weddings, I am busy working and building the charity I have founded. I set up Ullah Isa Trust in 2018 working in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India to ensure money is never the reason why children don't get an education or clean water. This is something very dear to my heart and has so far succeeded in helping many families keep their children in school and supported villages with clean water.

Other than my obsession with weddings:

♥️ I am a self-confessed adrenaline junkie who loves to skydive or climb a mountain.

♥️ Spending time with my hubby fusing Italian or Bengali cooking principles to make culinary masterpieces (well, we love them!) Although I appreciate an Italian lasagne isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I defy anyone to make a better tiramisu!

♥️ Caring for the naughtiest cat in Milton Keynes who is petrified of birds and mice. Oscar - my chocolate Burmese - is the other love of my life. He thinks he is number one, of course.

Nehar, Wedding Planner
Trusted Suppliers

Only utilising awarding winning, prestigious suppliers. If you have a specialist requirement, I'll use my expertise in the field to source them for you!

Suppliers and Vendors that I work with or suggest always have unparalleled abilities to create your perfect event. Along with wonderful personalities and professionalism.

Specialising in luxury weddings, I can assure you my suppliers are hand-picked and experts at what they do.  

My Vision

I want to give my couples the best day of their life, with as little stress as possible.

I want to take the hitch out of getting hitched!

I like to believe my values as a luxury wedding planner are:

♥️ To be Open and Professional

♥️ To provide the best creativity I can

♥️ To provide top quality work

Let me create your magical day, that exceeds your expectations. 

This is your special day, your dream wedding!

With me, you will have a fun and enjoyable journey.

I'll take your most random ideas and create the day you only dreamed of! Hand holding you throughout this magical journey is why my clients love working with me!

Charity Contribution

I am are very proud that a portion of my profits goes to Ullah Isa Trust.

Ullah Isa Trust is about bringing a better tomorrow to children in third world countries, ensuring they get clean water and an education.

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