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Having A Remembrance Day To Remember

Fireworks, chilling nights, beautiful moon, fire, marshmallows and a RING?!

I've been planning beautiful weddings for 15 years now and I love every bit of it. My favourite part is learning about the romantic proposal. Do you think he'll propose this fireworks night? Make it a Remembrance Day to remember!

Have you been together for a while and wondering when he may pop the question? Or maybe you have been dropping some hints, or he has. Well... we do have Remembrance Day around the corner. Also known as Bonfire Night, or 5th November. Do you think he might it a day to remember for something more dear to you?

Grooms to be may not be the planner types but you'll be surprised how much thought they often put into popping the question.

Your future husband may be thinking about it right now. But would he do it publicly or privately? Either way, with the backdrop of the the fireworks it will be epically beautiful.

Are you going to watch a fireworks display? If so, and if it's not something you have always done, then you never know. While everyone is watching the display, your partner may go down on one knee and ask you the all important question.

Alternatively, if you are watching the fireworks from home, he may use the backdrop and beautiful view to ask. It's as romantic as it would be if it was outdoors, but it's more private.

Are you maybe going away somewhere during this time? Again, he may be considering popping the question while you are away. The fireworks add as a beautiful surprise to the question. They give a great impact. I mean, let's face it, every time we see the firework go up but part of us still jumps when we near the noise. Are you a jumpy person? If so, snuggle tight, that might be the moment.

Maybe you are having friends and family over and having your own fireworks in the garden. Read my 7 Signs His Going To Propose and see if there are any signs that his about the propose. It could be a remembrance day to remember for you and your loved ones.

Drop me a comment below if you think he may be about to propose. Remember, you can actually share these ideas with your partner or a friend and see if he gets the hint!


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