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Preparing As A Groom

So although I usually write mainly for you brides, I thought today I'll share some tips that I think would help the groom(s).

If you haven't wondered around my website before or we haven't met, I’m Nehar, founder and wedding planner at Spot on Event. My favourite aspect about being a wedding planner is that I am bringing to life a couple's dream wedding. Read below some of my great tips that have come from meeting many grooms after 15 years in the industry.

Get a haircut in good time

A lot of grooms want to get a haircut to get that fresh feel to get them ready for the next chapter of their life. You might not want to leave it until the last day though, give yourself plenty of time. If you are going for a new look, try it out first. If possible, make sure you go to your trusted barber.

Make sure you are well rested

Not only right before the day, but it is important to keep well rested. Even catching up on sleep takes extra time for your body to recover. It takes four days to fully recover from just one hour of lost sleep!

Take a dancing class

If you have two left feet, you may be worried about your first dance.

Why not explore dance class? There are plenty around, or you could ask someone you know to help you.

Practise your speech

The more you say it, the more you’ll remember it. Remember to keep it short and warm and just speak from your heart. You don’t have to remember it word for word. This could be a good time to also give gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Remember your thank yous

During your speach you'll probably say thank you to most people involved in the wedding, but you want to make sure you remember to thank you bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as your guests.

Write your wedding vows

You are going to need inspiration if you are writing your own wedding vows. Traditionally, as the groom, you will say your vows first. Some couples decide to say them together and choose to write similar vows, or let the bride say her vows first. Write from the heart and after practise the tone you’ll speak in.

I hope you enjoyed these and find them useful. Let me know if there is more you want to know. Remember, you can always get in touch with me simply by clicking the yellow button above!


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