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Have A Unique Wedding, Wow Your Guests

A wedding is one of the most magical days of any couples life. If you have a dream wedding in mind, make it come to life. Your guests and your future generations will love it.

Below I have addressed a few ways to stand out from the crowd and have a wow day.

Have a read and let me know what you think.


Who Am I?

I’m a wedding planner based in Buckinghamshire. After 15 years in the industry and over 100 weddings, I love how couples can still have me thinking "huh never thought of that for a big day". You can always make it unique, in your own way!

Firstly it is key to make sure you stay true to you! It is your big day and you want to make it special for you as well as your guests. So don't go trying to find something so different that it doesn't actually represent you.

Consider asking your guests to request a song for your big day in the actual RSVPs. No fun in them asking the DJ on the day, if you add it to your invites you can see what guests think of you as a couple, or what songs they actually like.

Do allow the DJ to take requests though. It really helps if the guests are listening to music they like. Plus it helps the DJ judge the crowd too.

Cake tops are an amazing way to announce to the world what type of couple you are without actually saying it or writing it. Have fun playing with ideas on how to make a statement with your cake topper.

Table names are another great way. I've seen all sorts, from names named after football players, travel destinations, gemstones, months, or even movies. What represent you as a couple and what would you like to call your table number?

Talking about tables, what would your decor be? You can use different colours, different types of decor, or even go a little different with a good mix. There is no set in stone rule that says all the tables have to look the same.

What else could you have instead of deserts? Do you have loads of young guests that maybe a sweet cart would be better? Or a donut wall, even an ice cream van or stand? There is plenty of things you can do. Even consider writing your married name on the wall with donuts.

Did you know dry roses can actually make some beautiful centrepieces. It may not be the norm but gosh is it beautiful.

If you are a traveler, or have been to a few places around the globe (or country) consider showing these to your guests with a personalised map, table names, napkins or even cuisine.

It's become a norm to give favours at a wedding, how about wedding cookies with the name on it or napkins with the guests name on it (place name and favour 2 in 1). Or even ask them to take 2 pictures with the Polaroid and keep one for themselves.


Remember your flower girl can be your something blue and your something borrowed.

I hope these above tips give you a brief idea on how you can make your special day stand out. These are just scattered ideas, the aim is to make it suit you.

Let's arrange a chat so we can pin down your idea even further. Just click the Yellow Button above and let's chat!


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