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Know how to select your wedding costs and have a wonderful day

Weddings are the most beautiful part of our lives. As a planner I love seeing my couples so in love celebrating with friends and family.

The toughest part of wedding planning is allocating the budget correctly. There are times you get tempted. Times you’ll want to spend or splash out on your big day.

Please don’t ever worry where most people spend their money and the rule of where you should spend what percent. End of the day it’s your wedding.

There are a few tips or aspects to keep in mind. As listed below.

I’ve been planning weddings for over 15 years now and they have been of various sizes and budgets. One thing I love the most is working with my couples to get their special day exactly how they want it.

My tips below are based on experience of over 100 weddings.

First things first.

Decide if your wedding budget is just for the wedding or will include the honeymoon and gifts too. It always varies but personally I will suggest spending your wedding budget solely on your wedding.

Any contribution?

It’s good to have a detailed chat. With both your partner and your parents, both your parents. See who else is contributing, what you have available and what you want to actually spend on your wedding.

Remember, your budget isn’t only what you can actually spend, its also what you actually want to spend.

Always set 10% a side.

I’m not saying it has to be a hard 10% but roughly that. This is to cover any last minute ideas or costs. You may come across something very last minute in your plans that you really want, if you have that 10% it really helps. Plus you may need to get some extra staff, need an extra room, or even decide you want a 2nd photographer for the ceremony.

First stop, venue and catering.

Your venue and your catering is most likely to be the most expensive part of your wedding. Hire this first so you can get an idea of how much you have left in your budget. Once you have your venue confirmed you can also get a better idea of everything else you need. Some venues come with a very involved package, some require you to hire out and source almost everything.

Hire a wedding planner.

Not being biased, but we thrive in keeping you on budget. But we can also help you keep your expenses low. We often have industry discounts that we can pass on, as well as knowing the industry inside out to be able to help advise you on ways you can save.

Your photographer

Your next major cost is likely to be the photographer. Shop around, meet as many as you can. Ask the right questions and make sure you ask to see an entire album rather just snapshots. Check out my blog on choosing a photographer.

I recommend about 10% of your budget for your photographer. These images will last you a lifetime, and be seen by many generations.

Flowers; real or faux?

Flowers are a hit and miss. You can opt in for real floral displays, they will cost more, and often take longer to arrange. Faux flowers, or silk flowers are often a better options, not just for budget, but for aesthetics too. All depending on the weather, in saucing sunlight your flowers can dry or wilt quicker, depending on the flower. Faux or silk flowers will keep their look. As they are easily to put together and less expensive to sauce they can indeed save you some money.


As a wedding planner I will always recommend you take out wedding insurance. It isn’t just related to saving you money should anything go wrong, but it also helps give you peace of mind. Don't just opt for the “most common”. Look further into what each provider will cover and see if it's relevant to you. Or speak to a planner to get an idea.

So that's it. To get some more help with your wedding plans, lets have a chat. Simply click the big yellow budget above and book a chat with me. My complimentary sessions are a great advance during your wedding plans.

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