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Wedding Invitations - Where To Start

Wedding invitations are one of the first few things your guests see. It is their first glimpse or first impression at your big day. It sounds like a lot of pressure doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be.

Invitations are one of those things that can be as minimal or simplistic or as bright and extravagant as you’d like. Your wedding invitations set out the tone for your event.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.


I'm Nehar, by the way! An award-winning UK based wedding planner and designer at Spot On Event. Hundreds of couples have had their wedding planned, designed and managed by me. Whether it’s something lavish and spectacular or something intimate, beautiful and distinctive, I love working with different couples from different backgrounds with different expectations. And I love sharing my knowledge.

Having seen a lot of wedding invitations in the 15 years I’ve worked in the industry, here are some of the must-know tips I’ll love to share.

Think about your style, the type of guests you are going to have and the colour scheme of your wedding. By the time it comes to sending your invites you most like would have your theme confirmed and the colours defined. Remember it’s not just the colour but maybe the shade and tone too.

Your wedding stationary team are will need this to help come up with ideas for you. It is definitely recommended working with professionals for this.

If you are having a themed wedding, like travel, you could choose to switch it up a bit for example, and use postcards as invitations etc.

Remember, as part of my Platinum package I offer a selection of wedding invites. Check the details here:

You should aim to order and start preparing your invitations about 5 months prior to your wedding day. Leaving enough time for them to be ready and to be sent out for about 8 - 10 weeks before.

Remember though, if you are having a destination wedding or getting married during peak season (summer) send your invites out a little earlier like 12 weeks prior.

Sending your invites out too early can always cause a delay in getting your RSVPs. Remember though, every wedding is different, and right now you may have to consider a little earlier for a 2021 or 2022 wedding.

There are many different ways you can incorporate your own style into your wedding invitations. You can do this by using colour, initials, the fabric you use or even the way it is presented.

Hand-written, especially calligraphic, invitations can be a beautiful memorable touch making your invitations more personal. There are many specialist in this field who can do this for you. Just consider speaking to your planner or searching Pinterest for some great ideas.


The must-haves to include in your wedding invitations, at least in the UK are; your names, the wedding venue, wedding date and time and RSVP requirements/response card. If you have a dress code include that, and if you are having a personal touch to it, you could include their name or somewhere to write it in.

Depending on your venue, if you want you can include details such as parking and stay options, but you can also save that for your wedding website.

If you want your guests to RSVP make sure you include a response card. You can tailor this to your theme too.

With your RSVP you must include space for your guests to complete their details such as their name and dietary requirements. If you have the option of attending ceremony only then include that as well as plus one or family option. Remember to include an RSVP deadline.

It is common to include a website for RSVP or even a prepaid addressed envelope to make it easier for your guests to reply.

One last thing I would like to mention though. Try to avoid overcrowding the invite with. I know some weddings are more complicated than others. Maybe include an FAQ (check out my FAQs) or even consider constructing a wedding website full of information. The simpler it is for your guests to respond the quicker you will get your RSVPs.

That’s a wrap for now. Let me know in the comments what you though. Better yet, let’s arrange a chat. Book a call with me and let’s see how I can help.


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