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Are You Afraid of Being Bloated on Your Wedding Day?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

A lot of brides dread being bloated on their big day. To be honest, I think most people dread being bloated in a special dress. So below, check out some key tips to avoid you being bloated. I got a lot of these from a nutritionist friend of mine, Huguette.

If you are new to my site, hi, I’m Nehar. A UK based wedding planner and designer of 15 years. I like to know that I am giving my couples the best day of their life, with as little stress as possible. This is why I love my slogan; taking the hitch out of getting hitched.

First, try to avoid carbonated food and drinks

Your problem could be coming from swallowing a high amount of air. You should try limiting your intake of carbonated drinks. Avoiding chewing gum and researching what foods could be causing you gas. Experiment and note down what works for you and what doesn’t. Note that it would be good to do this months prior to the wedding so you can be in routine with your diet whilst planning to avoid unnecessary extra stress.

Avoid eating fast

Learn to eat slower and chew more thoroughly. Consider not drinking through straws on the big day and maybe even switching to lactose-free products. These things can really help avoid bloating.

Avoid skipping breakfast on the wedding day

Irregular eating has been proven to cause bloating. You may think your stomach will flatten if you skip a meal but skipping meals can risk your digestive system slowing down. Eating meals regularly stimulates digestive movement and means your digestive system is constantly working, fastening your metabolism. You definitely don’t want to skip breakfast on your big day.

Try supplements

Probiotics help with repopulating healthy gut bacteria. They are live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods and supplements. Probiotics may be something that would work for you to help reduce your bloating. There is also a link to a wide range of other health benefits like weight loss and immune function.

I hope these tips help you and you look as glamorous as you want on the big day. Click the heart button below if you like these tips and do check out my podcasts here.

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akila aki
akila aki
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akila aki
akila aki
Mar 02, 2022

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