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Do I Need A Wedding Coordinator?

Well, it is entirely up to you, but if you ask me, I’ll say, YES! At least so you can enjoy the day!

Who Am I?

I’m a wedding planner based in Buckinghamshire. After 15 years in the industry and over 100 weddings, I have to say, I love the enthusiasm of many brides this year who have planned their own big day! It takes a lot of time and effort, so hats off to you!

Your on the day wedding coordinator is there to take the stress away from you. Just like a wedding planner, expect this is only for the day!

Most on the day coordinators will get involved at least a week in advance, many a month in advance. This is so they can understand the logistics of your big day, so they can correct any potential errors and learn your suppliers. Also, because the month/week leading up to the wedding is the most stressful.

Remember, your big day is celebrated, usually, by many, they may have questions, they may need to be managed too. Your coordinator is there for them. To help them find their seats, the gift table. Support the photographer to ensure all the correct people are present for the group photos.

Talking about photos, as funny as it can be to see on TV when someone has a wardrobe mishap, when this happens to a friend or family member on your big day it isn’t as funny. Your coordinator will have a Mary Poppins bag to help fix anything that needs fixing!

Navigating the wedding timeline is a tough task unless you have the skills to do so. Remember, it’s not just the guests you have to navigate or the food, every suppler has to be in sync with one another and do their part as punctually as possible.

Remember you will need someone to set up and take down, or at least oversee this. You could send one of your bridesmaids, or ushers but they have to get ready too. This is why its key to have an on the day wedding coordinator. To make your wedding day stress free. To make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and most importantly to fix any hiccups, or as I like to say, take the hitch out of getting hitched!

So, yes you do need a wedding coordinator. So you can enjoy your day. It's your special day, for many it only happens once. You want to spend as much of it celebrating than managing.

Remember, I offer on the day wedding coordination too. So book a call if you want to know more of how I can help.


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