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The Power of Events

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Of course every event planner will say this... but it is true! A well-planned event is extremely powerful!

A well-planned event can send all sorts of positive messages in your favour. It can tell your employees you care, it can show your clients/potential clients what you are capable of achieving for them.

The key is; a well-planned event!


For example; to show your employees you care, you can always throw a (for now a socially distanced) BBQ with some live entertainment. This, of course, could either be a weekend evening or even a weekday afternoon. It gives them the chance to let their hair down and interact on a social level with those outside their team. It also removes the typical pyramid structure.

You need to ensure there is something to entertain your guests with, however, otherwise, a BBQ on its own could be less attractive. Additionally, there must be a speech, even if it's just a welcome speech. This is your chance to make it clear what you are trying to achieve, in this case, increase staff morale and make yourself known to others.

If this was a client or potential client meeting then you would most likely make the speech about the business, what you have achieved, the clients you work with, what you believe in and how you are better than others.

Just remember though, you must thank your guests for coming!!

Events are powerful!! You just have to have the right team to plan this correctly, which is where we recommend you contact us at to see how we can help you!!


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