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Styling Your Bridal Party

Everyone wants to look good at the wedding. It’s probably one of the only times your bridal party will happily let you decide what they wear. Do you need help deciding what style to offer your bridal party? Are you torn between what you like the look of and what flatters your wedding? Are you overwhelmed by the multitudes of styles available?!

I recently spoke to the lovely Alice Nichol, a personal stylist from Buddy and Noo, she gave my podcast audience some tips on styling the bridal party. Below I have listed a few points that we discussed when it came to styling, accessories and choosing flattering colours for your bridesmaids.

You can listen to the podcast here ; and hear the entire interview.

If you haven’t read one of my blogs before, I’m Nehar. I’ve been in the wedding industry as a planner for over 15 years. Currently planning some very luxurious weddings in and around the UK, I’m really excited to be sharing with you some tips to styling your Bridal Party.

Having worked in the industry for a long time, Alice knows how tricky it is to manage everyone’s expectations and make everyone happy. I always recommend that you think about what you really like and then what works for your bridal party.

Choosing your colour palette

Depending on your style, the weather, location and the time of the year, choosing the right colour palette can be a struggle. There are just so many options! Sometimes you may choose a colour palette based on your actual bridal party.

A muted soft palette is great when there are a lot of different hair colours and skin tones involved. You can always incorporate some other colours into the flower arrangements, nails of the ladies etc. to sharpen the details and make your wedding more unique.

Pastel, lemon, and lilac tones create a lovely fresh spring look giving out a cheerful radiant boost to the guests. Coral dialled peach colour scheme is also a very beautiful idea.

Fuchsia pink and aqua are great examples of vibrant summer colours. When using strong colours, it’s great to explore using different tones before adding in more colours. For example, aqua can be used as a light turquoise tone as well as strong intense teal. Explore how many different tones you can use. You’ll be surprised to see how elegant a one colour multiple toned wedding can look!

Maybe your wedding is in the grey rainy months and you are looking to use a deep intense winter palette? Using colours like deep green or navy is lovely. It is increasingly getting more popular to use those colours for the groomsmen suits instead of the traditional black suit.

Not all colours and trends suit everyone

Take the tones of a colour and create a scheme, rather than just having to stick to one.

Neutrals are really good as you can adapt different shades to different skin tones and bring it all together with flowers. Red is a very popular colour in bridesmaids particularly at Christmas time and seasonal weddings.

If you put someone with cool toned skin in a warm coloured cream it would drain their complexion completely. You wouldn’t want to choose cherry red, to put on someone who has super pale fair skin and light hair, instead you’d want to go for darker tones, like maroon and burgundy.

You can still bring in the beautiful cherry red with smaller decor like berries on the table or flower arrangements to please your eye.

A nice way to get around the bridesmaids saying ‘I don’t want to wear that because it washes me out’ is to use a soft cream colour scheme, or different tones of one colour.

Keep a common theme throughout, but give them individuality.

Being open to their needs will keep your bridesmaids smiling more. If all your bridesmaids have different toned dresses, you could have something linking you all together. Jewellery is a great example, matching necklaces would be a beautiful gift to cherish forever but will look great on photos.

Bringing in a third party

Bringing in a third party can definitely neutralise situations much faster when any trickiness occurs. Sometimes it is definitely best to put trust in the professional as it avoids unnecessary stress in the planning process and lead-up to your big day. Alice from Buddy & Noo is always open to being the independent neutral person, to know more check out her website

Well that’s it from Alice and I on this one. I hope these were useful for you.

Remember you can download my start your wedding planning guide here.


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