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Seven Signs He is Planning to Propose

You have been together a while and you’re starting to wonder ‘When is he going to pop the question?’? Did you know that 40% of UK engagements happen between Christmas and Valentines day?

We have just welcomed September, winter is not far off.

With Covid rules continuing to ease, this exciting time may be getting closer for you.

If we haven't met before and you are new to my site, let me just introduce myself. I’m Nehar! I’ve been creating beautiful weddings for the last 15 years. Trained and mentored by an international wedding planner from LA, I love knowing my couples have utmost faith in me to make their big day one to remember for years. Don’t forget to hit the heart button if you like what you read.

Here are my top 7 signs he is planning to propose! Prepare yourself!

He has started spending less

As you have been together a while, you know best if he is a spender or a saver. Has he stopped being as care-free with his money? Does he suggest more nights in?

He could be saving to buy the engagement ring!

He has built a closer relationship with your family members

Although it may seem a little old fashioned, it is traditional for men to ask the girlfriend’s family for permission prior to the proposal. Has he recently started spending more time with your family or closest friend? Your friends and family are amazing assets to help pick out the ring and plan the perfect proposal.

Your friends and family seem a little distanced

Your friends and family are great planning helpers. If they are acting a little suspicious, maybe they just can’t hold their excitement in because he’s about to pop the question!

He is being more secretive

Although this can be taken oppositely, if he has started going out more or being more interested in his phone, he could just be looking around for ideas and doesn’t want you to find anything out.

He is more interested in what jewellery you like

Whilst shopping, does he normally look with you and follow you around? If he has recently started doing so, he’s getting more interested in what you like, this could be a big sign. Maybe he even asked for your ring size?

He talks about a future with you

If he openly talks about his future long-term goals and aspirations and wishes to make memories with you, he sure wants you in it. He is most likely getting ready to pop the question.

He wants to spend a holiday with you

It is definitely common to go on holiday and come home engaged, maybe he has been saving the big question until you two have some special time alone. After all, it would be a beautiful memory to look back on.

I hope these few signs help you get excited and start preparing for the big question. Are you ready? I will soon share ways to announce your engagement, but I hope you enjoyed these for now..

Remember, if you need any help with wedding plans I am here. Just book a free, no obligation, call with me, or click the yellow button above.

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