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Planning a wedding during UK lockdown?

Updated: May 9, 2021

Recently engaged, all excited to plan your big day....


but not sure what you can do right now with lockdown in the UK?

Fear now, below I have listed a few things you can do during the lockdown and stay on top of your wedding plans.

Also, don't forget to down my Ultimate Wedding Planing Timeline

A bit about me:

Planning luxury weddings is my lifeblood - I have never done anything else. My mother tells me I was dreaming up weddings for my dolls as soon as I could walk!

Here are some of the plans I myself am making for my couples:

1. View Venues - Virtually

You can still ask a venue for a virtual viewing. Most venues are doing it, and they are really easy to organise, especially as there is no traveling required now.

As venues won't be as busy as when they are open fully, it means they are able to give you more time and fully answer your question rather than say "I'll check when I get to the office" (we have all heard that).

2. Speak to Photographers

You have ample time now to scroll through photographer’s Instagram accounts. But remember you also need to ask them for a full album. Photographers are probably not shootings many weddings right now, so they have the time to talk to you. To see if you are a great fit, and most importantly to send you a full album and get in you touch with someone they worked with in the past.

3. Choose your theme, the feel, the emotion

You can still choose and theme, feel and emotion for the wedding. I can imagine, given the way things are you may not be sure what you want, but this is the best time to sit on Pinterest and read through magazines to get ideas.

4. Talk to a Planner

A planner right now is doing exactly what you are, trying to plan while stuck at home (trust me). So speak to them, even if it’s just a chat. Most planners (me include), will be happy for a quick chat, to give you some tips. Some may even be able to offer vendor saucing or give you a list of suppliers they know that are doing online meetings.

5. Listen to music

Whether you are having a band or a DJ, you'll want to listen to some songs from them or watch some videos. This is the chance. Make the most of it.

All of us in the wedding industry are working from home, so if you drop your ideal band a message, they would happily send you some details over or a link to music. Plus, you can probably find loads on YouTube too.

6. Enjoy being Engaged

As there isn't so much to do, it means you can enjoy being engaged. Enjoy more time with your partner, being the future wife.

All the above might sound overwhelming but remember there are people available to help.

I assure you; you'll love these little bits that you can do.

But if you do feel stuck just hop on a call with me and let's have a chat.

After 15 years of experience, and some great wedding last year, I can confident I'll be able to support you.


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