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Mistakes To Avoid When Wedding Planning

It’s no surprise that when planning a wedding we (the couple) tend to make some common mistakes. Theses are not deliberate, it’s part of our human nature as well as the pressure. But trust me there is a way to not feel so pressured and therefore not make these common wedding planning mistakes.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Nehar. Planning luxury, high end weddings is my favourite part of the day. After 15 years in the industry, it still brings a tear to my eyes when couples are awed by the end result.

Below I’ve listed some common mistakes I see couples make during the planning process and how to avoid it.

Not putting yourselves first.

It’s nice to think about everyone attending your big day. But don’t think too much about them that you forget to actually do what you want for your big day. Remember it’s your big day. If you want a buffet don’t worry what Auntie Jane will think. If you want to have your wedding in the Bahamas don’t worry about who will and won’t attend.

Not thinking about guests at all.

On the flip side, you need to think a little about your guests. If you know bank holiday weekend tickets to Bahamas will be the most expensive and you are not date sensitive, why not consider a different date.

If you are having guests coming from abroad or out of town, why not block book some rooms to give them a discount. Maybe even add a welcome basket.

Not hiring a planner.

Now I don’t say this because it’s what I do, but rather because I have seen and heard of some of the horror stories without a planner. No matter how organised our friend or uncle is, no matter how much they love us, or how many of their kids weddings they have helped out on, it just takes a small slip of the mind for things to go wrong, such as transport not arriving. I’ve seen it happen. A planner double checks and then double checks again. It’s their lifeblood to make sure everything happens as perfectly as it can.


Buying a dress too soon.

It’s exciting, I know it is. You want to go dress shopping. But maybe wait, at least until you have put the deposit down on the venue. Two things happen that way. You know exactly how much the venue will cost and what you’ll have left to spend. Plus, you’ll know what type of dress will work in your chosen venue.

Announce your engagement the way you like.

People always worry about announcing their engagement and how to do it. Social media, and of course an instagram able engagement picture is very common, but maybe let your inner circle know first before it gets announced on social media. It really avoids awkward unnecessary comments and conversations,

Getting overwhelmed.

Trust me when I say us in the wedding industry want to help. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when planning your wedding, because it is an overwhelming scenario. But you can share this with us in the industry. We can offer some great advice and help you avoid common mistakes. Reach out and let’s talk.

If you want to arrange a chat with me, simply click here and let’s chat about your big day. My calls are absolutely complimentary.

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