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Choosing Your Wedding Theme and Venue

Starting wedding planning can be both exciting and a handful. There are a lot of things to do and it’s hard to know where to get started.

Consider how much time you have got. Think and stick to a budget that suits you. Then schedule the important dates for the upcoming months.

Sounds so simple right? It can be. With the right guidance and the right help. Deciding on a theme, finalising a budget and choosing your venue is most often the first few things I recommend we go through.

If we haven't met before and you are new to my site, let me just introduce myself. I’m Nehar! I’ve been creating beautiful weddings for the last 15 years. Trained and mentored by an international wedding planner from LA, I love knowing my couples have utmost faith in me to make their big day one to remember for years. Below I’m sharing some amazing tips with you. Don’t forget to hit the heart button if you like what you read.

A great start for wedding inspiration has always been Pinterest. Even we use it as planners. You can get some great ideas and see what has been done. Do remember though, many of these photos are staged, so do not be disheartened if some poses don’t look exactly the same.

You can use Pinterest to get to know yourself. What is your style? Are you elegant and dress in tonal colours or do you want to add some vibrant rich colours?

As planners we will often create boards with your or for you to find the theme that suits you both as a couple.

Would you choose a theme based on colours or are you thinking more style related? If you and your partner like adventure and have traveled a lot you might like to have a tropical theme or you could use tones of pink and corals with green details.

Don’t forget to get an idea from your partner as to what they think about the theme. You both want to enjoy it. Make it special. If your partner likes modern minimalist pieces but you are in love with the 80s, it can be tricky to find something you both find eye pleasing. But by speaking planner and designer you can find something that works for you both. Saving yourself a lot of stress and time.

Your venue is a major part of your wedding cost. Choosing the right venue can make your wedding a dream! It is important to consider the location of your venue based on guests proximity, your background, the time of the year, and the theme you want.

Think about many guests your venue will hold? If you have made your guest list, you’ll know roughly how many guests will arrive. Remember to expect a higher influx of RSVPs post pandemic.Upon arrival the first thing your guests will see is the venue. Keep in mind your guest list, the age range and what excites them. Will they enjoy it too. Of course, don’t make the entire decision based on their feeling, as it is your wedding.

Also, think about the aesthetic of the wedding, remember to be realistic. Plan things like room changeover if you need to, often for example the ceremony and reception are hosted in the same room. Roughly schedule your day to see if it is what fits you. The more time you have the more you can alternate it.

Consider what the guests could do during any change over.

It is important to always ask the questions. Read my tips for venue selection to learn some key questions to ask. Don’t leave yourself wondering. Find out if the venue is providing any packages or help with decor/details, food etc. or if it’s a dry hire (you will need more suppliers for a dry hire).

If you need to have a civil ceremony. Ask if the venue is licensed. Some venues will ask you to arrange your own officiant while others will have one that works with them. Many venues that don’t have the license to host the ceremony still allow you to have a symbolic ceremony (this doesn’t make you legally married)

Remember though, whatever you choose has to fit in financially for you. Your wedding budget isn’t what you can afford it’s what you want to spend. Sometimes the best way to decide this is by choosing your theme and getting ideas of your venue.

If you have an unlimited budget, It can be easy to get carried away and go a bit funky whilst planning, there is really no limit with how you can style your wedding but think really about what you want. If you have no interest in design you can always speak to a wedding designer.

I hope you have enjoyed my ideas on themes, venues and budgets. Let’s arrange a chat so I can support you further. Click the yellow button above and let’s chat!


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