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Choosing Your Photographer

You may be one of the lucky ones that already know exactly which photographer you want or what style. But in most cases couples are not 100% sure where to start.

Below, I had discussed many questions I suggest my couples ask their potential photographer as well as tips. I have asked myself before adding them to my trusted suppliers list!

One key requirement you are going to need from your photographer is Time Management!! They need to be able to shoot all the important aspects of your wedding.

If you would prefer a PDF with all the questions, please do download it here:

Choosing your photographer
Download PDF • 7.35MB

A bit about me:

I've been planning weddings across the globe for about 15 years now and one of my fav people to work with is indeed photographers. It's their images you look at for the years to come, where your memories are truely sealed.

Are you the photographer on the day?

Remember you are relying on this person to take pictures of your most pressure and intimate moments, you need to feel relaxed with them, as much as you can. We always recommend, if the photographer is going to be someone else then you are given the chance to meet with them too.

How many weddings do you shoot each year?

Expect this to be between 8 and 20. It takes a lot of time to edit photos so often photographers will give themselves sometime between each wedding.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

Remember, being a good wedding photographer isn’t something that can be learnt on YouTube or a book, they are learnt with experience. That too, experience of weddings. The atmosphere of a wedding is not like any other.

Can we review some of your albums?

This is the best way to assess the style of work of a photographer. Remember not to just look at their social media or website, as these will always be their best work. An entire album shows their whole days’ work.

You want to see pictures from different times of the same day if you can.

Do you have some former clients we can speak with or can we read some testimonials?

Most photographers will be happy to get you in touch with other couples, usually one similar to yourselves. If they don’t, might be a sign to walk away.

Have you worked at the venue we have chosen?

It’s not a deal breaker if they haven’t as a good photographer will always suggest a visit, together if possible, to the venue beforehand. If they don’t and they haven’t worked with the venue, make sure you get this commitment from them.

Have you worked with a similar sized wedding as ours?

Size means a lot to the photographer…. Sometimes this may mean the need for a 2nd photographer. Additionally, your photographer needs the personality to be able to manage a large crowd (pleasant but authoritative) especially if they are likely to be in various rooms.

How would your working style?

Does your photographer prefer to work in the background interrupting only when they have to, or do they work up-front and centre to manage the images that they are creating?

When will you arrive at the venue?

The answer to this should be “when you want”. You are paying for them to document your day from start to finish, so in reality they should be there when you want them to be there. Stuck in traffic should not be an excuse you hear from your photographer on the day.

Please do ensure you share with them the wedding timetable (more on this in a later blog) as this allows them to plan their day and factory in how and when to capture your key images.

When will you leave the venue?

Most photographers will stay until cake cutting and first dance being over, but it is important to make sure this arrangement is clear, in writing, in the contract.

Weddings can last a entire day, which is why sometimes it is helpful to have a 2nd photographer.

What is your cost for additional hours?

This is always important as there are occasions when weddings go on a little longer than you expect or get delayed. Some photographers may throw in a hour or two for free if things are late, but always ask.

How much will a second photographer cost?

Most photographer’s have a package that offers a 2nd photographer. This usually is to compliment the main photographer and cover events like; the bride and groom getting ready, drinks reception and main photos, etc. those taking place simultaneously.

Whether you need a 2nd photographer or not depends on the size of your wedding, the venues used, and the images you want.

Just remember to ask to see some pictures from the 2nd photographer.

What outfit will you wear?

If you are having a formal wear wedding, then you often want your photographer to blend in and dress to fit in rather than wearing a t-shirt with their logo. Do bear in mind through, your photographer needs to work so will need to dress to be able to move around a lot and at different angles.

In addition to this, it is important to note the different wedding photography styles:

  • Editorial – That provides an air of contemporary glossy magazine.

  • Reporting – This is the candid unposed shots that document your big day.

  • Formal – Which focuses on the posed shots and group photos. This is basically what most people consider to be classic wedding photos.


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