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Autumnal flowers

As summer comes to an end and autumn kicks in, I thought it only made sense talking about some flower colour schemes that I think look amazing at this time of the year. Have a look and let me know which one your favourite is.

I've been planning weddings across the globe for about 15 years now and one of my fav people to work with is indeed photographers. It's their images you look at for the years to come, these are definitely some flowers you and your guests will remember.

Red roses and red berries. Red beautifully describes love, but it looks even more beautiful in the autumn light. Great indoors and out. Red also looks great with greens and neutral colours.

Autumn colours like orange, deep colours like brown, red, green, all look so clean and simple yet creates such a lovely ombre of autumn colours. Dahlias are very popular at weddings this time of the year.

Simply adding lushious leafy greens to your table looks amazing in autumn. Especially with deep coloured flowers and yellow and white roses.

As the leaves start to change colour and the brightness of the sun cools down, you can use the scenery to create a beautiful look. Roses look beautiful in any colour, but there’s just something special in the simplistic white roses with autumn leaves.

If you still want to keep it natural and mainly use white, add burgundy or purple details. Persian buttercups and Lisianthus look great in light colours. Pine roses look great to add a little colour.

Thank you for reading lovelies, I hope you liked some of these autumnal wedding flower batches and added them to your Pinterest boards. If you’d like some help with planning your wedding, book a call with me on the big yellow button at the top of my page.


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