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7 Ways to Propose

It’s almost that time of the year again! You know when we start thinking about life and what we have achieved. When we wonder, what’s next?

Maybe, maybe this is the year. You’ve been a girlfriend long enough, ready to be a wife?

Hi, I'm Nehar, award-winning UK based wedding planner and designer of Spot On Event. Hundreds of couples have had their wedding planned, designed and managed by me, whether it’s something lavish and spectacular or something intimate, beautiful and distinctive. I love working with different couples from different backgrounds with different expectations. And I love sharing my knowledge.

I thought, given the time of the year, maybe I could share some ideas for the perfect proposal. You never know it might be yours. You could probably also hint it to him, or have a friend hint it for you.

On a mountain or hilltop

The perfect, simple, yet effective location can easily be found during a beautiful walk or hike. If you are that couple that hikes, you never know your next walk/hike might be the one. It’s so easy to create and if you want the added touch, have petals, balloons, flowers, maybe even prosecco while watching the sunset.

Written on cupcakes

If baking together is your thing, this may be perfect. Could he bake his heart of and ask the special question? Or even maybe have someone bake it for you both?

Careful with the cake. It may just have that special diamond!

In a pizza box

For the casual couple who love pizza and Netflix, this is so for you! Whether it’s lunch, dinner or a late night feast, nothing says I love you more than a ring inside the pizza box.

Maybe you’ll even have some pizza with ‘Marry Me?’ inside the box or even on the pizza.


Explore the city of love

A dream of every little girl, just walking through the Parisian streets and suddenly the love of your life kneels down asks for her hand. A true princess moment, just like she deserves. This is definitely for you romantics out there. Look out the next time you are having that romantic walk.

Surrounded by friends and family

If you are close to friends and family, or you want others there when it happens, a surprise party can’t go wrong.

It makes announcing the engagement even better. And you probably don’t need to worry about who to tell first.

On a pet walk

If you are a pet owner and you often walk the pet together, your pet may carry that special jewellery just for you to find. It sounds so simple, but if you are a pet owner, you’ll know just how perfect this is.

With champagne and flowers

If you are more of a cosey couple and just love doing the simple things, you may be in for a well deserved dinner date with champagne, candle light dinner and beautiful flowers. Be sure to check the glass, and the flowers. Especially if they are a big bunch of your favourite roses.

I hope a few of these ideas resonate with you and you can politely hint them to him. May you can be the one that proposes? If you’d like to know more about what I do and how I could help you preparing, book a call with me here.


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