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7 Ways to Pop the Question

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Below are some of our favourite proposals so far that often happens this time of the year.

Are you proposing or thinking about? Do you think your partner might pop the question this Autumn?

Quick Intro

I'm Nehar Ullah-D'onofrio, an Event Specialist and Enthusiast. I love wedding planning, and have been planning wedding for over 15 years. Having planned my 100th wedding in 2018, I'm excited to share with you some popular Autumn and Winter proposals.

Scavenger Hunt

In all relationships, there are something that only you know, and jokes that only you understand. Turn that into a scavenger hunt, scatter clues for your partner, have the "tressure" as the ring. Involves friends and family too if you want.

Fake Photo

This is a very cue one. Head over to your

favourite spot and ask someone to take a photo of you both. Rather than posing for the camera, propose and have her reaction recorded. Maybe even ask the person taking the photo to actually take a video instead.

New Years Eve

Use the count down as the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your future spouse and pop the question in the last 3 seconds of the countdown. Let the fireworks as to the backdrop.


While staying in this halloween and carving pumpkins, why not carve "Will You Marry Me?" onto the pumpkin or hide the ring in there?

Recreat Your First Date

Revist your first date or the first bar or restaurant you went to. This makes a per

fect way to reminisce on your relationship. While talking about evrything you have done and enjoyed togethe, either go down on one knee or just slip the question.

Breakfast in Bed

On a lazy Sunday why not surprise your partner with breakfast in bed? You can put the ring in their morning coffee, on top of the cake, underneath the plate or just right in front of them.

Sleeping Proposal

This works wonders if your partner is a deep sleeper. Simply slip the ring onto your partners finger while they sleep as see how long it takes them to notice the next day. If you want them to realise sooner, simply make a nice breakfast in the morning.

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