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5 Tips to Know Before Wedding Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is the most exciting part of wedding planning, as well as the most stressful.

You have one dress, and millions of choices.

You need it to look perfect.

Everyone wants to look good on their big day. I spoke to Alice from Buddy and Noo, a personal stylist, again to hear some styling tips, have a read and let me know your thoughts.

If we haven't met before and you are new to my site, let me just introduce myself. I’m Nehar! I’ve been creating beautiful weddings for the last 15 years. Trained and mentored by an international wedding planner from LA, I love knowing my couples have utmost faith in me to make their big day one to remember for years. Below I’m sharing some amazing tips with you. Don’t forget to hit the heart button if you like what you read.

When it comes to reducing stress during dress shopping, one of the best things you can do is take a 3rd party with you. Someone that is neutral and can give you great advice, like a stylist. This really helps see you in the dress like the guests may, rather than a friend or your mother giving you their opinion.

Maximizing your shape and figure

Find out what your body type is, and research what works best for you. You know your body best and you’ll learn a lot about your figure when you try on bridal dresses. There is nothing wrong with trying various dresses in different boutiques.

You could go for strapless, bodice style dress, which is the most flattering shape for a woman because it comes in at the waist as well as showing cleavage. It all depends on your body type and what you and your guests feel comfortable with.

Class is better. You don’t want to be showing too much of your body, especially if you have a closer family. Cover up and expose only the best bits. Draw the eye and create a point of interest to look at.

The most important thing is that you feel good.

You know yourself best, when you find something you know you feel good in, you stand taller.

Hold your shoulders back, feel and look more confident.

Head wear

Will you be wearing a veil on your big day?

Depending on the style of your dress and wedding you may already have an answer.

Remember to keep one point of interest on yourself, you don’t want too much going on at once.

For example, a very beaded veil will detract from a beaded back of dress, in that case explore different styles of veils or maybe consider something smaller like a headdress. Even no head wear, just hair clips or beads can look beautiful with the right hairstyle, it all depends on where you want your focus point to be.

If on the other hand you aren’t focusing on the hairstyle as much but still want to have a fascinating head top, consider fascinators maybe decorated with feathers or flowers.

Plan a change of outfit

Definitely something important to think about!

Do you want to be carrying and going to the toilet in your big dress all evening?

I would definitely recommend finding an evening change of outfit, it can still be elegant and match the style of your wedding but it is definitely much more comfortable. Two-piece dresses can be flattering and they’re getting more trendy.

Find that thing that gives you a buzz and makes you feel fabulous.

Going away outfit

So much to plan to do with the wedding that you haven’t even thought about after!

How nice would it feel to not have to stress right after the wedding too? Definitely consider planning a going away outfit. How great of an opportunity to have fun and buy a new outfit, stylish but comfortable?! A neutral two-piece tailoring and a pair of heels?

Or a detailed top and wedges to leave for the airport in. A newly wedded bride, arriving all glamorous at her honeymoon destination, sounds like a dream come true!

There you have it. Some amazing tips that I gathered after another conversation with Alice from Buddy and Noo! I hope you found them useful. Let us have a chat too regarding your wedding plans. Click the big yellow button above for my no obligation consultation call.

Don't forget you can reach out to Alice if you would like some more tips for your big day, her Instagram is @buddyandnoo.


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