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Planning & Designing A Celebration To Remember

Over 15 Years Of Experience In Asian Wedding Planning!
Asian & Multicultural celebration planned with passion!
With You Every Step Of The Way!

Award-Winning Luxury Wedding Planner & Designer

Of Asian & Multicultural Wedding

Hi, I'm Nehar (pronounced "Nehh -Har!") founder of Spot On Event.

If you're looking for a UK based award-winning Asian wedding planner to personally manage every step of your wedding and design a day that's unique to everything you've dreamed of, this is for you!

Let's face it, wedding planning is stressful, time-consuming and overwhelming to say the least! Even with large family support, it can be difficult to get the day perfect. That's why hundreds of couples have let me manage the planning and design while they enjoy the fun parts! Because it should be fun! It's the best day of your life that you're planning!

So enjoy the journey and leave the rest to someone else. Whether you want a traditional day, a fun and romantic day, or a traditional and modern day combined.

Over 100 couples have had their Asian wedding planned, designed and managed by Spot On Event. Whether you are looking for a lavish knock-out wedding reminiscent of a Bollywood movie, or something more modern, yet distinctive. Either way, let me bring it together for you!

"Envision the scene of your wedding day.

Everything looks sensational and just as you'd imagine it to be.

 Everything is meticulously arranged, planned and designed around your every desire. You spend your entire day with your guests as you have a guarantee everything is being expertly managed and considered.


If that's what you are looking for - I'd love to hear from you!"


 Book a free call to see how I can visualise and interpret your dream wedding today!

How It Works
Spot On Event's Promise To You!
  • Every detail of your wedding planned and designed utilising my prestigious award-winning network of cherished wedding suppliers.

  • Your vaguest idea will be transformed into a breathtaking romantic day, with tradition and culture at heart.

  • Deliver your sensitive, beautiful events, tailored to your individual requirements. Just like the hundreds of couples from different religious and cultural background who have placed their faith in me.

  • On the day management of every element of your wedding so you can relax, knowing you're in safe hands

I work with all walks of life, keeping traditional and cultural aspects as pure as you require, be it a Hindu, Sikh, Gujrati, Bengali, Muslim or Multicultural wedding.

"Every couple deserves the best day ever - something unique, something out of this world. Without any stress! Let me make your most special day a dream come true! "  -   Nehar 


Like what you've seen and want to hear more? Ready to have a chat about hiring a planner? 

I'm an Asian Wedding Planner based in Buckinghamshire, with a Global reach! 

Book a virtual consultation now and see if we'd be a good fit for you!

For me, no wedding is too complexed, no demand is impossible!



We felt like guests at our own wedding, it was just wow. Completely took away the stress and let us enjoy the most beautiful days of our lives.

Tej & Shelim 2016

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